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Hi! The 'Tiny Adventure Pack' is a small bundle of sprites and animations where you can find:

  • Main character:
    • Idle animation.
    • Walk animation.
    • Attack animation.
  • Skeleton:
    • Idle animation.
    • Walk animation.
  • Enviroment:
    • Floor tile.
    • Tree.
      • Trunk.
      • Top.
    • Rock.
    • Bush.
    • Sign.
    • Chest.
      • Open animation.
  • Other:
    • Coin.
    • Heart.
    • Blue, Green and Red orbs.

Most of the sprites are based on a 16x16 pixels grid, but it may vary depending on the size of the sprite/animation (ie. Houses, Trees, Sword Attack...).

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Available for personal and commercial use, credit is not necessary but I would love to see what you do with it! 

*Shadows are not included*

You can find me on Twitter - Vryell

Color palette: Rosy-42 by PineTreePizza

Get access to all my packs + more stuff on my Patreon!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Tiny Adventure Pack.zip 42 kB
TAP_anim_v2.zip 45 kB

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Hi Vryell, thank you for your amazing pack, I'm using the characters with Tiny Farm Pack. Everything is perfect but, char_walk_left and char_walk_right animations look like character is moving below ground. Will you make an update about this, or is it only me? I'm looking forward for your future works!


I'm happy to tell you that really soon (end of February/ first week of March) I'll be releasing an update with alternative animations. I've focused on solving this issue among other minor things :).  The old animations will remain in the project in case people prefer them.
Thanks a lot for your support <3


Hey can I use these assets for my tutorial series?
I will add the credits



Hey there, Check out my new game I ussed some of ur assets:https://da-gm3-comany.itch.io/a-weird-dark-minute



nice work man and thank you for that.


These are awesome :) I'm wondering, are we allowed to edit them? (I'd like to de-vamp them to 4-color GB style, and also edit the character sprite/use it as a base to make my NPCs.) Please let me know, thanks!

Absolutely! And thanks, I'm really glad you like it :Ð


nice asset



Great Work!

Thank you!!