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Hi Vryell, I’ve bought all your packs since they’re super cute!

I’m trying to set up a beach with the animated shore tiles but I’m having some alignment troubles on the corners. I have all of them set up with four frames but the corner doesn’t seem to line up for half of them. I’ve tried to attach some pictures here to hopefully show what I mean.

Let me know if it’s just a problem with how I’ve set them up, I am just a beginner :)


Hi! Thanks a lot <3

There seems to be an error with them, I'm currently working on fixing it. Thanks a lot for telling me and sorry for the inconvenience!

Should be fixed! I left the old tileset in case someone needs it!

Thank you so much for the quick fix!!

No problem! Feel free to tell me if you find more issues😁

Hi Vyrell, thanks for another awesome pack! I was wondering if you could add a fishing rod item? Would love to see it in the pack also xD


Oh! I forgot to do the icon, my bad! You'll have it in a couple of days.


Woah Looking good!



Love the whirlpool man :)




First comment! Bought this as soon as I saw it was out! Quick question though, I asked a while ago if you will be releasing a roll/dash animation for the characters and possibly a hurt/die animation. Any update on these or if they are even still in the works? Thanks :)



First I'd like to thank you for your support, I hope you find the pack useful!

Those animations are coming soon, I can't say exactly when but they're on the works alongside updates for most of the packs (More houses for the Village, more crops for the Farm, more tiles for the 1-Bit, etc).

I want to spend 2-3 months working on this but the animations are high on the priority list and should be done before mid September.


Any time! Your packs are great :)

Very happy to hear about the animations being in the works and that they will be on the way soon!

Also very excited for the updates to the other packs.

Keep up the great work, full-on supporter over here!