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I have a question and a statement:
I love this art style, please continue doing what you are doing!
Do you accept orders for pixel art like this one?

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Amazing asset I think its really cool you are giving this out for free. Right now I am making a fantasy top-down rpg game and this really helped and I will also give you credit when its done. Good Job! :)


Also so when i was putting this in i have been struggling with this for a while now just thought to ask on here the character bobs up in the left animation I have tried everything i dont know whats wrong

Hi! Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you're finding this useful.

I released the pack quite some years ago so I can't say for sure what's happening. Does this happen with the vanilla animations or the updated ones (TAP_anim_v2)?

So i just downloaded the top one in downloads and i didn't know there was an old one but ill check

no i got the tiny adventures ill download those though and see if they work.

Oh thank you i got the new ones and they work. TYSM!



Thanks a lot!


nice assets should i credit you on my itch page or in the game itslef

Technically there is no need to credit me so it's you're choice where or wether to do it :D


Hi Vryell, thank you for your amazing pack, I'm using the characters with Tiny Farm Pack. Everything is perfect but, char_walk_left and char_walk_right animations look like character is moving below ground. Will you make an update about this, or is it only me? I'm looking forward for your future works!


I'm happy to tell you that really soon (end of February/ first week of March) I'll be releasing an update with alternative animations. I've focused on solving this issue among other minor things :).  The old animations will remain in the project in case people prefer them.
Thanks a lot for your support <3


Hey can I use these assets for my tutorial series?
I will add the credits



Hey there, Check out my new game I ussed some of ur assets:



nice work man and thank you for that.


These are awesome :) I'm wondering, are we allowed to edit them? (I'd like to de-vamp them to 4-color GB style, and also edit the character sprite/use it as a base to make my NPCs.) Please let me know, thanks!

Absolutely! And thanks, I'm really glad you like it :Ð


nice asset



Great Work!

Thank you!!