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Hello I'm thinking about buying your tiny bundle. I had a few questions.

Do they have animations for when the player cuts them?
Do the animations for each pack use the same main character? Like if I bought this and the fishing pack, is this character also the fishing character?
Do the hearts in your GUI pack fill by half or by 1/4s? For example can they be 1/4 or 3/4 filled?

1- I'm afraid I don't know what you mean with "when the player cuts them" There are sword attack animations, don't know if that solves anything.
2- Yes! Well to be more precise, each pack has 6 main characters fully animated (2 hairstyles with 3 skin tones each).

3-Sadly no, just halfs :(

Sorry, the first question was about the bushes. Do the bushes have an animation for being cut?

All 6 main characters are in every pack?

Hi again! I'm sorry but there're are no bush animations :(

And yes all the characters are in every pack! Have in mind that they're skin tone variations and two different hairs(long and short) tho!

How many "Heroes" are there total that have animations with 1) Idle, 2) Walk/Run, 3) Attack in all 4 directions (left/right/up/down)? In "Tiny Adventure Pack" you have 2 "Heroes" with idle,walk, attack animations in all 4 directions, but how many more?


Hey I found this pack based off a game I play & plan to develop something using these.  I am planning to edit some of them as well and will credit you when the game becomes available!  Thank you much for your great art skills I can't wait to start developing something awesome!

Hey, thanks a lot for your support and kind words! I hope you find the assets useful :D

Feel free to post a link here to your game once you have something to show us!


Hi vryell, Can I use this in RPG Maker VX Ace? By that I Mean Is that possible? I got this from the Bundle for racial justice bundle and I recently bought RPG Maker VX Ace And I wanna know if I can use it for RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm mostly thinking of the tiles.


I'm sorry but I'm not 100% sure of how RPGMaker works but I think this sprites are too small ( This tiles are 16x16 and I think RPGMaker's  are  48x48 or so I've been told by others).

Oh! That's fine! Thank you For Answering!

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Sorry for responding again, but I thought I'd let you know that I'm probably going to use this for a game that isn't using RPG maker! It's using DragonRuby, Which is a coding thing that allows you to make games easier and which I got from the same bundle as this thing!


Hi Vryell, I was wondering if you could also consider add pickup animation in 4 directions? Between this is a lovely packs :) 

Thanks a lot!

Pickup (& Throw) animations are included in the Tiny Dungeon Pack.

It also includes a walk/idle animation to use while carrying items among other sprites :D


Love these asset packs! I purchased them all recently for a project that I'm working on, and was wondering if you would possibly add in a roll/dash and hurt animation for the player character? It's all I still need! 


Those animations are in the TO-DO list and will probably arrive mid Autumn :D

I'm really glad that you like them, thanks a lot for supporting my work! <3

No problem at all and thank you for the regular pack updates! Looking forward to the new player animations when they arrive!


Quick question; are the grass/dirt/ground tiles meant to be 16x16 tiles or are they actually meant to be used as 8x8 tiles?


They're meant to be 16x16 Let me know if you encounter any issue with them, these where made quite some time ago and I may need to update/tweak them.

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Thanks! Actually I've been modifying them using TileSetter to do autotiling in GameMaker Studio 2. It works very well so far

EDIT: the skeleton and the zombie have part of their legs cut off in the animations. I can fix it on my own but I thought I'd let you know

Edit2: the goblin as well. The three of them have that issue with both the walking and the idle animation

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Hi again!

Yes those problems where present with the main characters too, I update them a couple of months ago but I forgot to do the same with the enemies, I'm sorry!

In the context of the animation those frames work, but the animation looks kinda weird and bouncy so I'll try to update them this summer.

Thanks a lot for the feedback <3


You're welcome! And thank _you_ for releasing such a beautiful asset pack! And still updating it 2 years later :D Have a nice day

Hello! Any updates?


Not much right now, sorry :( . I'm currently working on the next pack to be released mid August and then I'll start working on several updates and content additions for different packs (this included).

Are you going to release more enemies?



Yes, in fact in May will arrive a pack with 2 additional enemies + a Boss. In addition to that I'm releasing a monster every month for my patrons and once I have a suitable amount of them I'll make a compilation that will be sold here too.



Do you plan on having a hills collection? I would love to see hills and mountains be added to these. I've combined all your assets into a single file and it's really a nicely growing collection! I'm excited to see what comes next.

Hi! Enviroments and tilesets is something I'd like to add, but right now the priority is a GUI pack and a minor (and free) rework of the animations :D

Is modifying it allowed?


Yep :)

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Hey! I'm making a game with these assets right now, so if anyone wants to see them in action, check out my devlog here. And to the creator, feel free to feature this devlog, if you want to show off the sprites to customers!

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Hi, I really like this asset and after getting it from the Bundle I bought all your other assets as well. ;)

I also saw the cut off pixel, but I fixed it myself. Animation looks much better with the outline and having 3rd and 6th frame moved up a pixel.

Hi, just want to make sure, can we use/share a purchased asset to more than one game/ more than one game developer?

Or it just licensed as a single product (one license for one game only).

Hi! You can use It in as many projects as you want, as for sharing it, I don't mind if you share It with the team as long as it's used to work in the project. 


Hi, thanks for making these assets. I think the side walk animations are kind of cut off at the bottom, or were they intended to be that way?

I have to say as well, it's a bit odd for the character to move its position between frames, and a bit hard to use in a game. Usually, the character's center doesn't move between frames in an animation, so that in a game, each of the frames can be rendered on the same pivot. As is, I have to set a different pivot for each frame, since in the walking animation the character is physically moving up and down in each frame.

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Hi! I'm sorry but right now I'm moving to a different apartment and I only have internet access through the phone, so I my apologies if I can't address the issues right now. But to answer your concerns:

I will check the first issue as fast as I can.

The second one is because It was the workflow that other developers I've worked with used, It was meant to represent the char jumping while running, but I see your point.  

Anyway, thanks a lot for the detailed feedback :D, It helps me tons and I hope you can find a use for the packs even through this problems. I plan to update/rework a bit the older packs at some point and animations are first on the list. 

Sounds good :)

Just wanted to add that I'm having the same problem. It looks like the character walk_left and walk_right got cut off in some frame for both char one and char two. It just looks like the char got its legs cut off. 
I really like the aesthetics of this pack so I would love to be able to use it if this problem get fixed.


Hi, sorry, I don't have internet yet, but I've been checking with my phone and the issue with the side walk seems yo he more a design decision than a problem (I took off 1 pixel from the outline to make It more bouncy). That doesn't mean that It was the right decision so, as soon as I can, I'll update the animation. Meanwhile, you could delete the third and sixth frames and see if It does the trick.  Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your support <3

I think the problem is more with the 1st, 2nd, and 4th frame since it looks cut off in the png file. No rush though, I can always wait for the update.

Thanks for the reply. No worry at all. Wasn't too hard to doctor them myself, but I can understand if it's a bigger problem for some people.

i bougth the bundle pack but i cant download this pack steal want money?

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Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience, which bundle did you buy, the racial justice one? Or the one that I offer with the rest of the tiny packs?

You have to get the pack through the link they sent to your email, not directly from this page.




Sorry, this is not a game but an asset pack used for game developing ☹️


what size are your character assets? 32x32?

16x16 tho some animations are bigger (i.e sword attack)


Hi! If I were to make a game from these assets and start a devlog series about it on Youtube, would I be able to use the assets for thumbnails and advertising for the video series?


Hi! Of course, as long as you don't buy the packs to re-sell/re-distribute them, you're free to use them in any way I can think of :). I would appreciate if you credit me tho it isn't necessary. Best of luck with your project :D


Awesome, thanks! Of course I'll credit you. $3 is a great price and I want to repay anyway I can.

Can I see a list of the character animations? Interested in buying all your assets possibly.

Hi! There are 2 main characters (long hair/short hair) with the next animations:

  • Walk.
  • Idle.
  • Sword Attack.
  • Bow Attack.
  • Shield cover.
  • Pick and throw item/bomb.
  • Throw Boomerang.

Then there are 7 NPCs with idle animations in the "Tiny Village Pack".

Cool.  Thanks.  Can we talk commission prices also?  Just out of curiousity, here or somewhere else?


Hello, I'm not very experienced with this, however, when I try to animate the character on Unity, it always seems to have a "cut off" part at certain frames. Is there something that I am not doing?

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Sorry Idon't have much experience with Unity neither. Some frames, like the "sword attack" one,  have different sizes, if you're trimming them equally that may be the problem. 

If anyone here know what could be the issue feel free to help :D

Will there be a new release anytime soon ?


Hi! Sorry for the late response.
Right now I'm working on a videogame and I don't have much time left to work on other things,  but I plan to return working on the packs at some point (probably around July). I may release some minor updates to the previous packs to warm up, but I can't promise anything, I hope you understand.


I completely understand . Thanks for the reply and the awesome packs . 



I purchased both of your packs, and on November 3-4th, I streamed Unity Game Development on Twitch on a game project using your art. I did the stream for the Extra-Life charity 24 hour even and gave you credit for the  graphics and art.

I want to continue this project, but need some other assets in this style for that. So I thought I would propose those to you, to see if they were something you could complete, so that everyone on could buy them as well.

1. An Items pack, we have a very limited amount of items in what you have done in these two packs. We need more weapon and armor types, crafting and other items. Think of things an RPG would need to be complete.

2. A Creatures/NPC/Boss pack, again we have 5 base Creatures, only 2 NPCs and 0 bosses in your two packs. Your Zombie, feels off compared to the other creatures. This could be broken down into a couple of different packs.

3. More Tile Art Fluff, you have a couple rocks, a few flowers, a bush... but, I feel we need more of this type of ground clutter to make the maps seem less empty; to allow for more richness in look and feel.

4. We also need UI elements so that we can build a user interface, for things like: inventory, character, stats, spells, skill trees, etc...

Of course all of these need to maintain the same look, feel and art style of your other items. I feel some of your Dungeon pieces, break into looking futuristic and drift from the rest of the fantasy items.

I do love the simplicity and style of your art and let everyone on my stream know it was your art, and showed your pages. So I hope this helps you some.

I hope you take my feedback as constructive criticism; I did not mean to offend in any way.

Thanks, Norfic

Thanks for your feedback and support, it really means a lot. 
My intention is to keep delivering thematic packs that will include most (if not all) the things that you suggested. Right after I finished the "Tiny Dungeon Pack" I had the opportunity to start working on a game so I won't be able to create them as fast as I'd want to, but they'll keep coming, I hope you understand. 
Thanks again for your kind words and best of luck with your streams!


The character base is really dope! I had to edit it a bit to get rid of the sword during the swinging animation for something a little more dynamic, but check it out in use!

(I tried posting a gif, but the file size is too big!)

Looks really nice!


Really love this style tbh.

Would be awesome to get some animations for the NPC's but still love it, can't wait for the dungeon set :-D


Hi! I'm really glad you like it. Thanks for the suggestion, I'm rather busy with the dungeon pack right now, but once I'm done with it I'll update the NPCs animations so they can be used as playable characters :D


Should add some cave assets


Hi! I'm working on a Dungeon themed pack that will complement this one. It'll be released in late October / early November. 


Cool. Some very nice art!


Thank you so much!