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Hi, do you have car sprites? Your pack is almost perfect for the game I want to make

Hi!! Nice suggestion, gimme a couple of weeks to finish some work and I'll add a handful of cars <3


Thank you.


Gameboy vibes!


Bit of a dumb question, but is there any way you could possibly share the palette you used to make this? The colors are very nice and I'd like to try my hand at making stuff that would fit with your tileset! If that's okay with you! I obviously wouldn't share those anywhere

Hi! I'm really glad that you like it, it took me a bit of time to create it. The palette is already included in the pack, look for the file named pocket_pal.png !

That's great! Thank you so much, you're a saint!

Hello, any news on the monsters pack for this series?

Hi! I'm currently working on a GUI focused pack. In the meantime I've been releasing monsters/cards and other sprites in my Patreon.


I was always in love with your work so I can't wait to play it and see all the features. Looks amazing. Thanks for your hard work on it and keep going <3

Tysm!!! <3


This looks great, I used your tiny packs in my last prototype here:

I'm going to use these for my new one.


This looks nice :D 

Are there more tilesets in this style planned?

It would be nice if the characters could get run and fishing animations and maybe a male and female version of each character

Thank you!

Absolutely, I'm already planning more stuff :D

Thanks a lot for the feedback, those go straight to my TO-DO list <3


Your art and asset pack are always awesome, unfortunately you have too many new packs and such, while never giving enough of any pack for a complete game. Your Tiny Adventure packs are the closest to a complete set, but, you still need an weapon, armor, and items pack. Thanks for your hard work on these. Sorry, if this seems bitchy, I did not mean to be.


Hey, no problem at all! You're absolutely right, I've been trying to diversify a bit too much lately, I apologize.

Sadly that's something I've needed to try if I wanted to keep doing these, the interest in the tiny series has gone really down in the last few releases.

For what's worth, I'm reworking the animations for the chars on those packs to make it easier to add equipment and customisation, right now there're to many animations that need individual tweaks in each frame.

Btw thanks for your kind words, I'm really glad that you like my work :)


Super cute, insta-buy! I love all the pinks and oranges, does this palette have a name?

Tysm! The palette is made by me, haven't given it a name yet. I'd say the vinik-24 would be pretty similar to this if you want to check it!


it would be great to get the 4-colour palettes used to recolour the illustrations on this page!


Woops! My bad, I forgot to include the palette with the pack, I'll upload it next week with some additional goodies :D


Very cute and cool, thanks!

Thank you too! <3


Looking cool! You captured well the pokemon vibe xD

Thanks a lot! I was trying really hard, so that's great to hear hahaha!

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I still haven't made my game yet with your Tiny asset series :( I'm hoping to make that game this year maybe :D

We'll see

This one seems as beautiful as your other assets!

Thanks a lot for your kind words! Can't wait to see what you manage to do😁

I'm quite proud of this one, I've put lots of hours of work on it. I hope people likes it!!