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Hello, the player have hit or death animations?

Hi! Sorry but I'm afraid that there're not hit and death animations yet, I'm working on them at the moment!

Bought this pack a while ago and I'm finally starting to add some of these assets to my project!

Quick question though - I noticed there isn't an equipment icon for the Hook & Magic Wand like there are for the other weapons from previous packs?

Will these be added at some point (or am I just missing them haha)


Sorry, I forgot to do them! I'll update the pack as soon as I can. Thanks for the heads up!

No worries haha. Great news though, and I look forward to when you get to update the pack :)


I love these packs. I got all of them so far. Great work. I would like to request a few animations if possible for the main characters, please.

A push animation I think would be a great addon to the main characters.


Thanks a lot!

Yup you're right, I don't know how I could I forgot about the pushing animation. It goes right to the top of the TO-DO list!


Thanks, man, looking forward to it when you release it. 

All the best!


Ufff mucho de calidad 😍


Looks great had to pick this one up. Any more castle asstes or similar planned ?

Not at the moment, the next ones will be coastline/fishing inspired and a monster collection. If you feel something is missing I could update this one with new content, I'm always happy to get feedback and suggestions :D

When do you plan to release the coastline/fishing and monster collections? 


I hope to have the coastline pack done by the end of this summer and the monster collection will arrive one or two months later.

These  "dates" are approximated , I may release them slightly sooner or later depending on how busy I am.